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Music time with older people

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Music Time has taken place at Thornton Heath's Age UK venue and I'm keen to see it happen in other care homes for older people to enjoy.

What are the benefits?

The aim is to enable interaction between older people and young children for the wellbeing of everybody. Not every child or older person has the opportunity to mix with different aged people for more than a hello on the bus or at the corner shop, or even at all.

These sessions are a way for everybody to have fun and enjoy each other's company in a safe, supported way. We sing, we play instruments and ideally there will be some time for relaxing at the end too with puppets and instruments for the children to play with and refreshments if there is the facility.

How does it work?

Sessions are attended by parents who pre-book on to a course of six weeks with their child.  The care home invite their older people to attend. Numbers depends on size of venue. I need a minimum of 15 children to run it unless the care home can subsidise.  A meet up is necessary beforehand to discuss what's best.


When would sessions happen?

Mornings are best. If you are a centre wanting to host the session please contact me to discuss when would work for you.


Sessions will take place in the care home in a community or activity room.


How long?

Sessions can run for 45mins to an hour  within a 2 hour slot with time for refreshments, set up and pack down.

What does the care home need to provide?

Suitable space for our session.


We will encourage parents to leave buggies behind but space for buggies would be helpful. Either in the room or somewhere else secure.



If you are a Care Home interested in booking Music Time for your  older people to enjoy or would like to help set up a session somewhere please  GET IN TOUCH.



Report on the benefits of intergenerational activities by the Care Inspectorate.





Sensory fun at one of our sessions


Big Summer Gig, Clyde Hall, Addiscombe.

Photo by Jenny Lockyer

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