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In this challenging time of needing to isolate you are more than welcome to book an online Music Time session for your baby's birthday.   

I can arrange a Zoom session and you can invite friends to join in.  The session would be about 40mins long and all people need is the URL to log in plus a laptop or phone.

Online sessions are £40 for a basic Music Time session, £50-£60 with added crafts or games.

For older children's parties I can post out craft templates ahead of time or participants can choose to pritn off activity sheets I send them..

It would be great if you shared with your guests  encouraged some downloading of songs from my bandcamp page.




Alternatively, when this has all blown over, I would be very happy to bring Music Time to your baby's birthday party IN PERSON!

If you book now for autumn 2021 that would really help in providing me with some income at this difficult time.  If circumstances do not allow for live sessions by the autumn I would be happy to refund the fee.

What happens:

I will set up an area for me, my guitar, instruments and puppets and lead a set of songs which can include your baby's favourites. For older children I offer some craft activities and storytelling depending on the format of your party.


For 0-2yr olds

£80 for 45mins

£100 for an hour

requires 15mins set up.

If more than three older children are going to attend a 0-2yrs party and you'd like me to work with them too:

£100 for 45 mins

£130 for an hour

£150 for an hour and half or two hours. £150 session price includes some craft activities too. Requires 30mins set up.

For children over 3yrs I offer a more craft based storytelling activity. Prices start at £130 for an hour.

Please let me know the postcode of the party so I can factor in travel expenses.

Please contact me for availability :-)

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