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birthday parties



I would be very happy to bring Music Time to your baby's birthday party!



What happens:

I come to your house or chosen venue, set up an area for me, my guitar, instruments and puppets and lead a set of songs which can include your baby's favourites. For older children I offer some craft activities and storytelling depending on the format of your party.


For 0-2yr olds

£100 for an hour

requires 15mins set up.

If more than three older children are going to attend a 0-2yrs party and you'd like me to work with them too:

£130 for an hour

£150 for an hour and half or two hours. £150 session price includes some craft activities too. Requires 30mins set up.

For children over 3yrs I offer a more craft based storytelling activity. Prices start at £150 for an hour.



Please let me know the postcode of the party so I can factor in travel expenses.

Please contact me for availability :-)

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