We sing lots of songs at Music Time from traditional children's songs to folk, to popular covers to some of Jenny's own tunes.

This page is for lyrics for you to copy and paste as you wish and links to the songs on Jenny's bandcamp page.

You can listen to and download these songs here

Belly Button

Oh belly button,

with fluff and stuff within

Are you where my tummy stops

Or where my legs begin?


Oh belly button,

What is it that you do

Stuck right there in the middle of me,

or am I in the middle of you

Some are fat, some are thin,

Some go out, but mine goes....sideways


Oh belly button

You're really rather small

but I wouldn't be the same me

without you there at all


Wrinkled, crinkled inside

I could store things in you,

but I haven't really tried


Oh belly button,

with fluff and stuff within

Are you where my tummy stops

or where my legs begin?


©Jenny Lockyer 2003


I know these things will happen

But you surprise me all the time

You're a stowaway inside my heart


I can't keep you forever,

but for now we are just fine

When you go away,

if we must part


Remember that


You're my baby

And I am yours,


You're my baby

and I am yours,



© Jenny Lockyer 2017

The Washing Line

I'll bend, I'll blow

Sometimes high, sometimes low

but around and around and around I'll go,

I'm the washing line.

My lines are blue and yellow, sometimes brown,

look good with jeans, or an evening gown

And if I'm special I go up and down

I'm the washing line.

And when you hang your clothes on me

Hear them shout, 'Yippeee!'

They know it'll do them good,

hanging out where all good clothes should

And the pleasure's all mine,

I'm the washing line


I'll whirl and spin, don't know where I'll begin

but all kinds of clothes fit in,

I'm the washing line

I'll flip, I'll fly, I'll stretch so high

Your clothes I'll dry,

I'm the washing line

I look lovely in your back yard and

even better, in your garden

Look my best from the west,

with the sun behind me

On a rainy day my arms are empty

but all I need's the wind to tempt me

And on a bright clean day,

that's where you'll find me,

Soaking up the sunshine

And the pleasure's all mine,

I'm the washing line

The washing line

I'm the washing line.

© Jenny Lockyer 2003

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